CCS Point of Sale

Loyalty Group With 1 Free Item

This group style makes redemption of one item the easiest. You can use this style to accrue multiple types of items into one group.

Cashier Usage


You offer 8 ounces of yogurt when your customer purchases 10 yogurts.

Bonus: You also want to be able to give bonus points, so you set up bonus points as a menu item that can add to their total purchases.


The setup covers setting up the items you will be using the loyalty program, and setting up the group to apply the program.

Item Setup

We will assume you have Yogurt setup. You will also need to make a bonus item and a Item with a price of -$3.00.

You can quickly add a -$3.00 item from the item list window.

From the window toolbar, press add, then fill in the details. Make sure you set the price to be a negative amount.

Loyalty Group Setup

First you must setup the Loyalty Group.

Office - Menu Service - Loyalty Groups.

For this kind of program, make sure you check off the option at the top “Display One Free Item Only.”

Input the Group Name, and Details:

Select the Loyalty Items to add, and the one to give for free. Make sure the one you are giving for free is not calculated as a sale.

To select the items, just press on them from the 'Menu Tree' on the right. They will be added to the list automatically.

Cashier Usage

Placing Order

This example shows an order with a customer assigned to it already. It has 2 yogurts added to it. These yogurts will tally towards the count. Below you will see the current count.

Customer History

This window shows the individual instances of the loyalty tally, and the sum of the loyalty on the right.

Using The Free Item

This screen shows that there has been a total of 8 cups previously purchased. The free item is now available to use.

This final screen shows the using the free item in the transaction.


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