CCS Point of Sale

Setup and Use of Loyalty Programs


There are several types of loyalty programs associated with CCS. Each one of these have their own capabilities, requirements and setup.

Point Program

Point Programs
Loyalty Points Point programs are what you would expect out of something like a credit card point system. There are a couple of twists to how we use them, and add more than just a point option.
Loyalty Coupons / Store CreditPrints Coupons or gives store credit to customers.

Loyalty Groups

Loyalty groups provide benefits to your customers once they purchase a specified number of items out of a group of items you design.

Loyalty Groups
Loyalty Groups Basic - Standard Setup for Loyalty GroupsDemonstrates: Buy 10 Get 1 Free
Store Credit for Loyalty GroupsDemonstrates: Buy 10 Cups of Frozen Yogurt, get 3.00 in store credit.
Loyalty Groups with 'Up To' feature for Weighted ItemsDemonstrates: Buy 8 Cups of Yogurt Get 4 oz free
Loyalty_Groups_One_Free_ItemUse a group to provide Just one free item.

Other Options

Loyalty Program Setup

Loyalty Point Program Setup in CCS is explained in the following video:

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