CCS Point of Sale

Getting Started
Guide NameDescription
System ResetClear the database before you get started. System Reset
Setup of Logos and Images How to setup images and logos
Setup Guide to Tare ItemsProcess items with tare
ReceiptsProvides details in receipt printing and format of receipt
Administrative Tasks
PayrollRun, view and edit payroll
Customizable Contact Lists Setup contact lists from Birthday Lists, Contact Filter Types and more.
Office Time Clock Clocking In and Out in the Office Time Clock
Quick Books File IIF file export for quickbooks
EmailSetting up Email of Reports
Scheduled EmailsSetting up Scheduled Email of Reports
Gift Cards
Setup of Gift Cards - CCS Describes the process to manage gift card related transactions
Setup of Gift Cards - Mercury Setup gift cards for Mercury
Gift Card Cheat SheetPrintable document for employees.
Import Gift Card & GrouponsImporting Gift Cards & Groupons from CSV Files
Comp Gift CardsSeveral options for providing gift cards for free.
Normal Business Day Tasks
Refund ItemsItem Refunding / Returning
Suspend OrderSuspend Order and Retrieve the following day.
ATM Style TransactionsRun ATM Paybacks.
Payment Methods in POS
Tip Options Tip Processing methods
House Accounts Setup and Order Processing for House Accounts
Using Store CreditProcess a transaction as a store credit
Cash Payouts Describes the process of cash payouts
Tax Exempt FunctionHow to exempt items from tax and also to set a client as tax exempt
House Account PaymentsHow to setup and process house accounts
Make Payments EasyTip on how to reduce payment buttons, but maintain all options
Split Payments Process split payments
RefundingRefund payments of cash and credit
Making DepositsMake a deposit on an order, and retrieve later for final payment
End of Day / End of Shift
Closing Day and Balancing Drawer ProceduresGeneral Daily Balancing Procedures for cashiers/servers and end of day reporting
Balance Sheets for Cashiers and ServersBalance the cash drawer for each shift]
Blind Drop Balance Sheets and Daily ReportingHide Balances from staff
Close dayClose day, reporting options
Auto Close DayUse Windows Task Scheduler to auto close the day
Customer Based Features
Discounts CCS Offers many discount methods, this shows how to setup and use them
Setup and Use of Loyalty ProgramsLoyalty program options and setup
SMS MessagingSMS Messaging
Fixing Closed DaysIf your staff didn't close out yesterday, and you are already processing, here's how to fix it


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