CCS Makes Managing Your Inventory Easy and Complete Comprehensive Inventory Management

Each industry has it’s own inventory requirements. CCS has the modules, the staff and the experience, to deal with many forms of inventory management. From portion control, and kit building, to inventory reconciliation and mutli-site inventory oversight and control we can handle many forms of inventory management. We have lot management, inventory reconciliation based on location or departments, recipe management for restaurants and food service, kit building for complex quotes and service businesses.

Inventory Control, and Inventory Management

These key tools for oversight are the most important benefits of POS. Setting up CCS POS for managing the Inventory Cycle of purchasing, sales and reconciliation is easy since most features are automated.

  1. Use Excel Spreadsheets to import hundred or thousands of new items./li>
  2. Sell Items/li>
  3. Purchase Items/li>
  4. Reconcile Inventory/li>
  5. Make Adjustments and Review Shrinkage

Our inventory solution is one of the best inventory systems. Additional features include item kits for more complex inventory. We support item transfers and inventory transfers from site to site. Multiple costs based on vendors. Also supported are multiple prices based on number of items.