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We support Android and IPAD Tablets to work as kitchen display systems.

Thin Clients or N-Computing - Run from 2 to 30 KDS Displays from one Server/Terminal.

Setting up your display requires you decide on your KDS Kit. CCS offers technical and and hardware compatibility advice on it's Kitchen Display Systems. You can choose from a variety of Thin Client options such as HP, or Ncomputing Solutions. In this way we can allow you complete flexibility fo any number of Kitchen Displays, be they in your kitchen, or at your bar.

HP Compaq Thin Client t5135 - Eden 400 MHz

Kitchen Display Monitor Options:

Given the lower cost of monitors these days, you have a great flexibility in choices. Choose from any size monitor, the Kitchen Display Software is completely flexibile, and will display from 8 to 40 lists per monitor. This gives you the option for small 12 inch screens up to large 21 inch screens, without any concern for malleability.

HP Smart Buy L1908w 19

Interface options for your KDS - Touch Screen, Bump Bar or Rubber Keyboard:

With so many available methods we just want you to know there's an economical and effective way for your to include KDS in your operations.

What's the differences between them?

Touch Screen - If your screen is close to the prep area, this option allows you to consolidate space, and provide something that is about the same cost as a bump bar plus a monitor.

Bump Bar - Depending on the type, and your geographical location, Bump bars range in price from $150.00 to $250.00. Bump Bars are an industry standard, and if you are familiar and comfortable with them, we highly recommend them. You can provide a larger screen monitor mounted from the ceiling.

Rubber Keyboard: For those who are budget conscious this alternative allows you to fit a keyboard in almost any location and use it as a bump bar. Rubber keyboards that are flexible and can wrap around edges provide a low cost entry into kitchen display systems. They can be purchased for about 15 to 20 dollars and are durable. They are sealed from the fluids and grease of kitchens so they really are an positive solution for those with a conservative budget.