Why use a Fingerprint Scanner with your Point of Sale System?

Employee passcodes and keycards as manager authorization are being replaced in many workplaces by Fingerprint Scanners. Why is this? And what are the benefits of a Fingerprint Scanner?

These devices are small, only a few inches long and wide and about an inch thick. They are sleek, portable and will work on any system with an available usb port. They’re easy to use, secure and will improve your bottom line.

1. More Secure - Employee Passcodes are Insecure

Fingerprint Scanners integrated into your Point Of Sale (POS) system are more efficient and significantly more secure than other methods of authentication.

2. Disable Dishonesty

Because your fingerprint is permanently attached to the rest of you, Fingerprint Scanners disable the possibility of employee dishonesty. And, it cannot be faked or stolen, like a password or pass card can be.

3. Avoid Over-Discounting by Staff

Discounts given without a manager’s approval are no longer an option. There aren’t any passcodes to forget or leave at home. Employees can no longer clock in their friends without that person physically being there.

4. Lower Cost than Cards | Most Effective Security Upgrade You Will Find.

Upgrade your current way of doing business and you will no longer have to experience employee theft, sketchy friend discounts, or employees and managers wasting resources recovering their passwords. It’s small and can be set up the day you receive it.

5. No Cards Lost

This system is a time saver, too. It takes less time to press your finger against a button than it does to punch in a password or code. When an employee needs manager approval, it can be given fast and efficiently. There is no time wasted when employees clock in, they just press their finger against the scanner and can begin working immediately.