Free Gift Card Support with CCS Point of Sale Software Apps

Gift Card Integration Guide. How to use and how to setup.

How to Video and Feature List for Gift Card Setup

  • On Site Processing
  • Multi Site Processing Available - Contact CCS For Setup
  • Uses any Gift Card Type
  • Create and manage your own Gift Card Sequences
  • Integrates seamlessly with Customer Databases

What we offer for Gift Card Integration - Single Store, Multi Store

CCS is your easiest solution. We use our own integration and database systems with encryption and multiple levels of security to provide a cost free solution when using our software.

Chain multiple sites together. You won’t have to use a merchant service to process gift cards because CCS will help you link your sites and provide real time gift card processing from a central site, of your choice.

Not only this, but if you are tying your site’s together, you can also include sales, inventory report and employee labor reporting across multiple locations. We don’t stop at gift card solutions and neither should you.

Credit Card Processor Integration with Gift Cards

If you integration your current gift cards with your credit card processor we can also manage this. Give us a call and we can speak with you regarding your specific needs.