Integrated Coin Dispenser for Point of Sale - Grocery - Yogurt and Quick Service

coin dispenser

Coin Dispensers speed up the sale process, increase accuracy, reduce error and counting times by staff. Once you use it you won't believe you operated without it.

  • Simple to install
  • Easy to train employees
  • Can save 5 to 7 seconds on each cash transaction
  • Improves speed of service by up to 15%
  • An average of 5 additional customers served per peak hour
  • Links to the POS system to track transactions
  • Less coin handling
  • A key-lock mechanism secures the canister

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Systems starting at $600.00

Altera3800 Table for Point of Sale

We will provide you with several quotes, tablets, traditional POS, software purchases only and subscription options. Also included, when applicable, is leasing.

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