Happy Carrot Collective Serves the Upper Peninsula of Michigan

happy carrot michigan

Located in the upper peninsula of Michigan, is Happy Carrot; a medical marijuana collective in Marquette. A collective is a place where those who provide medical marijuana (caregivers) can provide it to those who do not grow or have their own. Collectives provide this setting as long as the patient has both a medical marijuana recommendation and as long as they are a member of the collective itself. Qualified patients may sign up as Caregivers in order to provide other members with their excess meds. Caregivers must also meet specific requirements by the state, such as being at least 21 years of age or older and have no felonies, for example.

Finding a Point of Sale Company that Meets their Collective Needs

In early 2017, Happy Carrot began searching for a Point of Sale System. Happy Carrot provides medicine in a safe environment and within the strict accordance of the law. One of the most encompassing ways they can adhere to the laws and regulations of the state is via their POS system. A POS is a critical bridge from which the collective verifies patients/members, tracks inventory and accepts donations. So finding a reputable and reliable software provider was a key goal of theirs.

Since 2007, Cafe Cartel Systems has been providing POS systems to the ever evolving industry and has adapted accordingly with the different regulations for the different states. For example, in mid March 2017, Franwell METRC won the contract to provide the state tracking system for Michigan. This seed to sale tracking software must be used by marijuana providers in the state. By using CCS, Happy Carrot can easily export data from the POS to a CSV file and upload it to the METRC system.

By utilizing their CCS Point of Sale, Happy Carrot can verify patient’s membership and recommendation status in their system. The system will alert them if the patient’s recommendation is soon expiring or expired. They can also scan and upload associated documents to each member's/patients profile and include any notes such as preferences to strains or allergies. These features ensure the safety and legality of the patient/caregiver relationship.

Choosing a Modern POS Tablet Setup with Integrated, NTEP Approved Scales

While Cafe Cartel offers a variety of POS styles, Happy Carrot opted for a modern tablet with printer in the base - the Altera 3800. Their setup included an integrated scale, label printer and a software license for the admin computer. This solution comes complete with extensive inventory control, over 100 analytical reports and charts, data encryption and much more. While being a powerful solution, that didn’t make it any harder to setup. In fact, after a few training sessions, Happy Carrot was using the system effectively in no time. To review your collective’s needs with an industry consultant, call 866-973-8099 or request a quote today.