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Wine & Liquor Store San berardino California

Name: Duke of Bourbon
Location: San Fernando Valley, CA
Installation: 2010

Duke of Bourbon was established in the west San Fernando Valley area of Canoga Park in 1967 by David and Judy Breitstein. As a family-operated retail wine and spirits enterprise, its modest and nondescript outside appearance in a suburban strip mall is misleading. Upon entering, the extensive collection of coveted California wine in eye-catching displays suggests that this is not your mainstream wine boutique.

Established in 1967, the Duke of Bourbon has been the community provider of unique and rare wines in the West San Fernando Valley of LA. This family owned and operated wine shop has been nominated for the BEST Wine Shop award on the LA Hotlist and is renowned for its personalized service. So what are David and Judy Breitstein doing to celebrate 45 fruitful years? Retiring of course! Or semi-retiring; they have sold the Duke of Bourbon and are in the process of a soft transition to the new owners Xavier and Charles Roy.Xavier and Charles are a father-son team originally from France that has been living in the US for many years. They are very excited to be anointed into the Duke of Bourbon community and continue the excellent selections and service the Duke of Bourbon is known for.
Fun Fact! The original Duke of Bourbon was a French military leader named Charles III; what an uncanny coincidence that this cleverly named specialty wine shop is now owned not only by two French men but one of them is named Charles. But I digress.So what can we expect from this new “Duo de la France”?
Besides continuing the great traditions of the target="_blank">Duke of Bourbon and sticking with the same staff that has been providing excellent service; Xavier and Charles are looking to upgrade. They are planning to remodel and put in a wine-tasting bar, add a variety of delicious food items and even give the web site a little sprucing. Stay up to date with what is happening with the Duke at