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Split Case Pricing

With Cafe Carel’s System you’re able to define multiple price levels for a unit/case/ or pack easily. You can even do pricing for mix and match cases, split, whole or individual bottles.

Inventory Updating

With the use of the Data Collector Scanner you can automatically create data files and upload them into the system. Cafe Cartel’s system then accounts for the additional inventory and updates your master inventory list.

Vendor Re-Order Lists

Our Vendor Re-Order Lists can be set up and easily modified. Once you start using our system the data begins to collect and build. This result in several comprehensive reports that you can use to make informed business decisions. Let's say you set up a default for your re-order list at 5, but as you look over your reports you notice certain seasonal trends. or maybe there is a certain size bottle that sells better that others. Or maybe there is a rare expensive item that only needs to be restocked once it is completely sold out. This is not a problem with the CCS software. You can easily go in and modify your vendor re-order list alerts.

Inventory Reconciliation of Alcohol

Our system checks your inventory count against your physical count. This helps you to gauge multiple locations and address counts of theft or loss. By regularly reconciling your inventory in the system you can report more accurate figures on financial statements, balance an accurate inventory and safeguard your business against excess taxation.

Doing the reconciliation on your own instead of outsourcing it to a manager or specialist saves you money, time and insures accurate reporting.

We have an inventory database with 10,000 items to start

Our Inventory Database helps your get your liquor store off the ground. With the included inventory list you have a building point from which to begin your inventory tracking.

  • When liquor stores have an average of 15,000 items for sale, having a good base saves you time figuring out your recording system.
  • All you have to do is enter in your vendors and upload it into the point of sale.
  • Includes all the top brands such as Southern comfort, Captain Morgan and Smirnoff products.

We make it easy to Manage Inventory

Each industry has it’s own inventory requirements. CCS has the modules, the staff and the experience, to deal with many forms of inventory management. From portion control, and and kit building, to inventory reconciliation and mutli-site inventory oversight. Get more details about our quick inventory solutions with our comprehensive inventory management system.

Import your Existing Inventory

Cafe Cartel can Easily Import and Export any CSV or Excel spread sheet, making your inventory list building a breeze.

We have location tracking of items

With Cafe Cartel’s system you're able to lookup exact locations of items in your store. For example your staff may have stocked your recent inventory shipment and there is a new item that you are not sure where they stocked it. With CCS software you can simply look up the location and it will provide you the aisle and shelf and row number.

We have multi-location inventory

Our software handles multiple liquor store locations with ease. Look up an item in your other store location or track overall inventory of you locations. We can even help you with your initial inventory list.

Use our handheld Data Collector to manage your back room AND front room inventories. Just use the scanner when you’re taking out or moving inventory and upload the data file into Cafe Cartel’s system. When the data is uploaded your master inventory lists are updated to account for single and multiple locations.