How does Tier Pricing work for frozen yogurt?

Tier pricing is an easily implemented promotional tool that lets you price items differently for higher quantities sold.

Tier pricing would allow you to price your frozen yogurt and it’s weight together as a single item on our point of sale system. Instead of pricing at the same rate no matter how much they purchase; tier pricing creates the incentive to purchase more.

  • As you buy more frozen yogurt you get price breaks at each tier.
  • Tier 1: 1oz. - 8oz. = 49 cents
  • Tier 2: 8.1 oz. - 16oz. = 47 cents
  • Tier 3: 16.1 oz. - 36 oz. = 43 cents
  • This method has proven increase customer base because it encourages regular customers to bring in friends to get a better deal.

Cafe Cartel makes it easy to set this up in your frozen yogurt point of sale system. This method of pricing has been a success at our client Yo! G’s Frozen Yogurt.

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