CCS Integrates with Mercury StoreCard!

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Mercury StoreCard Highlights

Simple rewards program that your customers will understand and use! Everyone likes the words “Cash Back,” whenever customers use the Mercury Storecard they immediately receive cash back rewards on their card.

StoreCard balance will never read zero. Because the rewards program is immediate your customers will always have money left to spend in your store, encouraging huge gains in customer loyalty.

Social Gifting, Mercury’s full-circle social media integration allows customers to send your store’s gifts through social media and post about it.

Integrated GiftCard Management let’s customers buy and send your store gift cards electronically or physically.


How The Mercury StoreCard Works

Setup and maintenance of the Mercury StoreCard is simple. The goal is to create a convenient tool to centralize your gift card, payment processing and loyalty programs all into one streamlined checkout system. 

Point of Sale Mobile Payments Made Easy

  1. Customers sign-up through the online website or app
  2. They can choose to reload funds onto their store card account through a credit card
  3. You scan their StoreCard barcode using Cafe Cartel’s POS 2D barcode scanner
  4. The scanner automatically pulls up the 19-digit card number from the QR Code to the gift card number field on the point of sale.
  5. You process payment as you would any other gift card transaction.

More StoreCard Features and Benefits:

  • Streamlined Checkout
  • Reloadable
  • Online Registration
  • Mobile payments made easy
  • Personalized Website and Mobile App Branding and Design
  • CCS Point of Sale integrated payment processing

CCS integrates with the Mercury StoreCard because they hold the same standard and commitment to growing your business as we do. Read more about how the Mercury StoreCard’s functionality can help you double your customer loyalty.