It is that time of the year, the third Sunday of June which means that it is Father’s Day! Families will be coming together to go to a restaurant to celebrate this day. How will you promote your restaurant to drive customers to enjoy a meal at your place, rather than another?

Father's Day Promotions for Restaurants

Create a family friendly environment at your restaurant. If you do not have it already, create an appropriate menu for kids. This can include fun shaped food, special meal combos and added gifts like crayons or simple toys. If kids are happy- dad is happy!


Add some father-orientated promotions. It is his special day so either offer a discount, a pre fixed price menu or a free menu item of some kind. 


Recognize the fathers that come in and have fun with father’s day ideas. This can include a temporary menu with items such as “Big Papa Burger” with “Dad’s Cajun Fries” etc. Another idea is to read off the father’s names that are in the restaurant to briefly acknowledge them and make them feel special. Have waiters and waitresses be friendly with compliments.


Promote Your Restaurant Ahead of Time

Once you create a family atmosphere, offer fathers a discount and make them feel special, it is important to let customers know of these bonuses so that they can arrange a reservation. You can do this by adding banners and posters outside of the restaurant that can be seen while driving. Also, increase your social media presence by offering all of the deals there- you want to get your customers aware and excited. Lastly, turn to your local community by leaving flyers by their doors to get their attention. 

Restaurant Loyalty Programs

Store card loyalty programs

This is an excellent opportunity to form loyal customers. Different programs include offering reward points for each purchase and occasional discounts. POS allows you to take in orders, process payments, control inventory and analyze your business to see how you can improve.

With CCS’s new integrated StoreCard you can allow customers the ability to pay through their mobile phones, buy and send gifts, accumulate rewards and share on social media. For restaurants, this allows the owners to keep track of customer trends and better monitor their inventory to fit customer demand. This fantastic opportunity to learn about the customers can also help aim future promotions and events to suit their customers appropriately. Also, having a branded store card encourages customers to spread the word to their friends to bring them to the restaurant and join the program as well.

Cafe Cartel Systems- Restaurant Point of Sale Advantage

CCS point of sale allows employees to easily manage and work with customer orders. It also enables quick processing to complete orders and payments. The software system provides a reliable, efficient and an accurate account to the operation of your business.