We are a software company dedicated to providing the best point of sale solutions specific to your Food Truck. We have a wide range of options such as software solutions, hardware solutions, service packages and so much more!

Cafe Cartel has been providing software for over ten years and has done point of sale installations all over the world. We have the industry experience and know-how that you have been looking for in a POS company.

We have prepared a list of what answers cover most of our customer's requests. We also provide training, videos, support information and testimonials to help answer all your questions. We encourage you to look below for an overview of what we do.

We answer your Food Truck POS questions:
  • Yes we integrate with offline payment processing.
  • Offline transaction processing, so you never miss a sale.
  • Sales reports so you know your best locations & peak times.
  • Yes we already developed your menu for you; all you need is to input your price.
  • Portion Control for Inventory.
  • Yes we developed inventory tracking and reordering lists.
  • Yes we developed deluxe printable menu; all you need is add your business name & logo.
  • Yes we developed tools to track your business trends in order to categorize your items based on sales; this will be extremely helpful in the ordering process and will minimize costs associated with product waste
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{jutabs name="packages" type="accordion" accordionmode="vertical"}[tab title="Altera 3400"]

Our Altera 3400S series POS System for Food Truck is simpler to setup and easier to maintain. The Food Truck package includes everything you'll need to run your operation smoothly.

It's a powerful Complete solution that can handle any situation in the Food Truck Industry.

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[tab title="Altera 3600"]

Introducing to 2013 Bagel Shop locations the Altera 3600. Our new tablet POS system package can handle any bagel shop operation.

This system is a complete solution!

Our bagel shop packages include a Cash Drawer, Receipt Printer and Credit Card Reader. We also provide additional integrations to ensure a smooth seamless operation such as loyalty programs, gift cards, surveillance systems and so much more!

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[tab title="V 2100"]


This system is a complete solution for food trucks. This system is very easy to setup and install, along with being economical. It's a powerful complete solution that can handle any situation in your industry.

We can also use KDS (Kitchen Display System) instead of printers.

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[tab title="V 2700"]

This is a Complete All In One Solution for Food Trucks. It's built and designed from the ground up for an easy maintenance free application that will maximize profits, efficiency and work flow. This Package offers lower set up cost and great performance at the same time.

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