The solution is simple: CCS Point of Sale for your Ice Cream Shop

A powerful engine, an easy to use interface, CCS will launch your business and help you succeed.
We speak from experience and results.

Dedicated to your Ice Cream Shop

Cafe Cartel is the leading point of sale solution for ice cream shops. We make it simple! We provide options for software solutions, hardware solutions, and service packages all designed for quick install and easy setup.

We have been providing software for over ten years and have done thousands of ice cream and frozen yogurt installations all over the world. We have the experience and knowledge of the  ice cream and yogurt industry to help you understand the inventory, sales and labor requirements of the business.

We have prepared a list of answers that cover most of our customer's requests. We also provide training, videos, support information and testimonials to help answer all your questions. We encourage you to look below for an overview of what we do.

What Features Do I need for My Ice Cream Shop in a Point of Sale?"

Video Tours and Guides

Recipe Inventory Guide

Looking for a POS System? We have Tablets, Traditional, and Customized to fit your needs.
Also we Provide Leasing ,Subscription Plans and Outright Purchase.


Multiple Terminals Free
Free with Qualified Processor Agreement. No long term contracts! Contact to get qualified.
Subscription first terminal
No setup fee no contract. We will install, help setup your system. No charge for training. Our goal is to get your business underway.
Additional terminals
Each additional terminal is $35.00 US. If you have more than 3 terminals we can offer you discounts.
Buy your terminal software.
$695/one time
If you buy it, you don't have subscription fees. The software will run for as long as you use it. (required for outside of U.S. and Canada)
Additional terminals
$495/one time
Additional terminals to the first purchased one are $495.00 (required for outside of U.S. and Canada)
POS Systems
From $600.00
Get quotes on complete systems for your business.
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