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In around 2013 when ECIG solutions really started to become in demand, we had been in business for 12 years. This little background information will demonstrate the scope of what is required in Vape. We have installations in Grocery, Liquor, Restaurant, Marijuana. We have met with the requirements for federal and state guidelines for these industries. But with the ECig Requirements for Inventory and sales, we had to revamp our sales and inventory modules to meet a new sort of workflow not previously required in the industry. If the point of sale companies you are looking at aren’t saying this, then the following information should really be enlightening.

Find out how we revamped the Inventory and Sales solutions to meet your ecig requirements. Case Study on Ecig.

End to End Solutions

We also provide training, videos, support information and testimonials to help answer all your questions. We encourage you to look below for an overview of what we do.

What Features do I need in a Point of Sale System for my Vape Store?

  • Easily manage huge lists of juices
  • Keep track of all your combinations of inventory, including kits and their components
  • Age verificationfor Drivers licenses is Included.
  • Vendor Re-Order Lists
  • Inventory and Reconciliation
  • Yes our POS prints barcodes for items and shelf labels.
  • Yes our POS handles vendor buydowns
  • We have over 70 Reports for Sales & Analysis

More Features helpful for Vape Stores

Looking for a POS System? We have Tablets, Traditional, and Customized to fit your needs.
Also we Provide Leasing ,Subscription Plans and Outright Purchase.


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Additional terminals
Each additional terminal is $35.00 US. If you have more than 3 terminals we can offer you discounts.
Buy your terminal software.
$695/one time
If you buy it, you don't have subscription fees. The software will run for as long as you use it. (required for outside of U.S. and Canada)
Additional terminals
$495/one time
Additional terminals to the first purchased one are $495.00 (required for outside of U.S. and Canada)
POS Systems
From $600.00
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