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Testimonial by Commerce Produce and Deli

Market Point of Sale Testimonial

We started thinking about upgrading our system in 2007 and by the end of October 2008 we were ready to purchase and move on with the change.  When searching for the right company it was important for us to keep in mind a few points such as

Meat & Deli Point of SalePoint of Sale Register at the Counter





1. Limiting the number of companies we had to work with in order to get to all our objectives.
2. Look for a professional system that can handle all aspects of our inventory control and pos needs including, different departments such as meat and deli.
3. The ability to integrate Surveillance with POS

Cafe Cartel was able to transform our entire operations to run smoother, cleaner, and most importantly professionally.  Since we operate during the day and have customers in the store, Marsel made special arrangements to work after hours after closing.  The project was designed to be installed in a series of phases.

We used to have heavy lines that build up because of the time it took to process shoppers with the old cash registers.  I remember looking at the cashier as he took time looking for prices on the products.  At points were the tag was missing the cashier had no choice but to yell out, “how much is this?” hopping someone would answer.  This is no longer the case because the barcode is easily scanner.  If a barcode does not exist the cashier can simply enter the name of the product and the incredible search function will find the product and add it to the order.
Our customer started to notice the change immediately and were excited to see their local grocery market upgrade.  Commerce Produce and Deli was no longer an old fashion mom and pop market, but a professional grocery store equipped with the latest inventory control technology.

Customer especially liked the new Meat & Deli Terminals.  The labels produced at those stations are very easy to read and understand.  They are also easily scanned so we do not have to look for the price at the register.  The touch screen terminals make order processing easy.  It takes 2 touches for the butcher to print out his label and that is a great time saving advantage for us.

Overall we love the new system. Given the fact that most employees are not computer literate, we are amazed at the fast speed they learned and caught on to the software. The user friendly features took us by surprise and all our employees are familiar with using the system.  Our butcher who does not speak English is using the system without issues.

Our prices are set and can not be changed or incorrectly input.  The cashier no longer has to look for the price of the product, they just scan the barcode.  We are no longer spending time tagging each item with prices before shelving the item.  The barcode system has made it easy to process transactions.

We can also account for all meat and deli products.  We can easily identify if a customer has changed his or her mind.  We used to find fresh packaged meat days after between stacks of other products because of customer that no longer wanted the meat or deli product.  The system now accounts for missing products and we can easily search and find the product before it is too late.

We can make barcode labels for items and shelves automatically!.

We are able to produce pre-packages meat and deli products with labels.  We are also able to create product shelve labels that can be placed below the product on the selves of the market.  Our labels are similar to the ones found at major chain Super Markets and our customer are more comfortable being able to identify items.  The price is displayed in large test font and shaded yellow.  We always want our customer to be aware of the price of the products they purchase.  This helps us because it makes the customer self sufficient in the store.  They can find the price with out having to ask an employee.

Our customers appreciate the new receipts because it clarifies any concerns they may have with their shopping list.  The system gives us the option to print only receipts that are requested and that helps up save paper.  People who stop by to purchase a soda almost never want a receipt and it is good to know that we save paper by only printing on demand.