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Chinese Point of Sale Installation - Sydney Australia. Mandarin / English Languages Quick Service

Chinese Point of Sale Installation - Sydney Australia. Mandarin / English Languages Quick Service

Located in Australian Sydney, the China Town district is Oden house, a restaurant with Japanese-inspired Taiwanese Cuisine. With a focus on quick service, they serve dishes you would be familiar with, bentos, oden and other snacks and dishes. Given the location and the nature of their business it really lends itself to high traffic volume.

Like many locations they had opened not knowing what sort of cash register or POS solution to use. And so they went with a locally accessible options which allowed them to collect payment and process sales. But the limitations were numerous.

A few of the items they grew to require:

  • Kitchen Print outs including Chinese (mandarin)/English
  • Menus with 2 languages
  • Multiple Prices that can be time based , like lunch pricing and dinner pricing

Not all of Oden House’s customers or staff can speak english, thus one of the features they required was a system that could print Mandarin characters on kitchen receipts and customer receipts alongside the english wording. Cafe Cartel Systems provides this feature not only for Mandarin but for Thai, Korean, Arabic, Indian, Greek, Russian and many more languages for POS printing.

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Additionally, they needed a POS system that could handle breakfast specials and lunch specials in an easy and intuitive way for their staff. Being more than just a simple cash register for restaurants, CCS allows them to price their dishes differently depending on the time of day. With CCS inventory control system they’re able to provide competitive prices while maintaining a high profit.

Utilizing the CCS inventory control features, reporting and employee time clock, Oden House was able to not just sell their food, but they were finally able to take the overview of their productivity. This data is a valuable tool that better helps them control the profit margins. To better protect their money, these features are only accessible if the employee has been granted permission.