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Vancouver Bakery Converts to Point of Sale - Improves Scheduling and Customer Retention and Rewards

Vancouver Bakery Converts to Point of Sale - Improves Scheduling and Customer Retention and Rewards

Transylvanian Traditions Bakery is one of Vancouver's premier desserts spots. Famous for their Kürtöskalács, the bakery is one of the only places in Canada where you can buy this authentic “Chimney Cake”. Though traditional from it’s inception, the bakery has slightly modified it’s recipes to include only fresh ingredients that are free from preservatives and additives; making this a hotspot for foodies.

Since opening in 2008 Transylvanian Traditions popularity has continued to grow. And with growth, comes growing pains. The need to implement a more uniform solution became ever-increasing so the bakery set out to find the best bakery point of sale system they could find.

Deciding on How to Grow the Bakery Business

After thorough research, Transylvanian Traditions found a POS solution that not only provided their top two desired features but included many more at no additional cost. Cafe Cartel Systems, a leading POS provider did just the trick. With over 14 years of experience, they include employee functions such as payroll and time clock, as well as recipe based inventory control and custom cake building. Even though Transylvania Traditions is located in Canada, CCS provides Free Shipping to the US and Canada which saved them money on heavy shipping charges.

Bringing cuisine from the small historical region of Romania to North America was once a dream for the bakery. But due to their diligence and making well-informed decisions, Transylvania Traditions has been thriving for the past eight years. See how CCS can help you succeed too by requesting a quote or by calling 866-973-8099.

Understanding the Business Process - Seasonal Scheduling - Bakery Pricing - Customer Tracking

With large orders coming in routinely, Transylvanian Traditions set their eye on two key POS features. Firstly, they needed to be able to schedule orders in their system. Whether it be holidays, corporate events or birthdays, they required a system that could report on the total baked goods they had to prepare for that day. For example: they have multiple scheduled orders due on the same day. Mike ordered 1 dozen chocolate eclairs and John ordered 2 dozen chocolate eclairs. Though they are able to see each order individually, they needed a report for everything that had to be prepared for that day; which totals 3 dozen chocolate eclairs.

Secondly, they required Customer Tracking so that they could not only see repeat customer’s order history but bill them periodically. With bakeries often providing their goods to coffee shops or cafes, Customer Tracking allows bakeries to bill their clients in set intervals. For example, every two weeks or every month.