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What to ask when installing POS for a New Liquor Store - Terre Rouge Reviews

terre rouge

What about Terre Rouge?

Established in 2015, Terre Rouge sells fine wines and spirits to the surrounding Choctaw area in Oklahoma. Before opening, Terre Rouge was seeking a simple Point of Sale System that would help manage sales, inventory and process with credit cards. While this initially sounds simple and straightforward, all things matter in the details. Upon beginning research it became increasing clear that more detailed issues needed to be addressed.

Having a variety of ways to re-order product is a vital necessity for a business

Included in this was the POS system’s ability to do purchase orders. Liquor stores start out with thousands of items in inventory and continuously add more to their store overtime. To ensure that their vendors aren’t selling products that they don’t sell, and that they’re stocking enough items that do sell, the idea of how liquor stores do their inventory and perform purchase orders becomes essential. The ease of doing this is key. This means having a system that can provide this in a simple way that helps liquor stores such as Terre Rouge, make informed decisions while focusing on a specific purpose.

Purchase Order Play List

Here we've made a listing of purchase order videos that give you an idea of the scope of the variety of purchase order options, from Trend Review, Remote Ordering, Ordering from the POS Terminal and Ordering from the Back office.

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Using Data collectors to ensure inventory, as well as re-order Inventory

Inventory then is very important to determining accurate sales, loss prevention, adjustment for damage and overall valuation of the current inventory. It can also be a very simple way to generate purchase orders. When researching CCS POS, Terre Rouge discovered this. Using a remote scanner, the current inventory can be recorded, and uploaded. This ensures that the inventory is the same place physically as it is in the Point of Sale inventory system. Then using the barcode scanner, an item list is generated to determine what items need to be ordered. Essentially this system allows a kind of visual ordering. Sometimes this is helpful when trying to accomplish a visual order given certain circumstances. In some cases this is a more "comfortable way” to perform an order. It’s more natural for some users who are transitioning to a Point of Sale System.

"When you’re using a POS system for the first time, you want to be comfortable with it; so the process of scanning items along the shelves and inputting their re-order amount can be very comforting. Next, the ability to import that information into the POS is very powerful."

Terre Rouge also looked for a POS company that provided a variety of merchant processors with quality rates. Finding a competitive processor that could integrate with a POS of their choosing was essential. Integrated credit card processing is also vital to ensuring mistakes aren't made and that charge-backs are disputed well. The idea of losing hundreds to someone who said they didn't purchase their products didn’t sit well with Terre Rouge, so proper EMV integration, PCI compliance was an absolute requirement for their POS. In addition to meeting their previously stated needs, Cafe Cartel met this one as well. You may see an example Processing Options

After researching these items they found important, then reviewing Cafe Cartel as well as other softwares like Quickbooks, Shopkeep and Clover, Terre Rouge Wine and Spirits concluded that Cafe Cartel was the best liquor store POS system on the market. To see how CCS POS can help your liquor store thrive please call 866-973-8099 or request a quote now.