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Berry Good Succeeds at Self Serving Frozen Yogurt with CCS Point of Sale

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Berry Good Succeeds at Self Serving Frozen Yogurt with CCS Point of Sale

Located on Main Street in Orrville Ohio, Berry Good Frozen Yogurt serves the best frozen yogurt in town! For more than 100 years Orrville has built a reputation for supporting entrepreneurs and small businesses, making this a perfect place for a family owned business to thrive! Not to mention, the locals can’t get enough of this health conscious (and delicious!) alternative to ice cream!

So besides having a great location and delicious assortments, what makes this yogurt shop so successful? The answer is: effective operational factors such as, inventory control, employee management, reconciling and processing transactions. At first this doesn’t sound like a simple, straightforward answer, but in fact it is. All of these operational factors fall under one umbrella: the Point of Sale System. The key here is finding a complete POS system streamlines these features into one easy-to-use unit. Skimping on this easily-overlooked aspect of a business can cost small business owners thousands of dollars per year. Therefore the savvy business owner does diligent research. Let’s take a closer look at Berry Good’s implementation of a POS and see what we can learn.

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