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Zig's uses CCS POS for their Bakery in Lititz, PA

Zig's uses CCS POS for their Bakery in Lititz, PA


Zig’s Bakery & Cafe is famous for their handcrafted baked goods and artisan foods. The local farming environment in Lititz, PA inspired this the authentic farm bakery to stay true to it’s roots by operating out of a classic 1800’s red barn called Brick Gables. At heart, Zig’s is not only the product of generations but of local culture.

So how did this charming farm bakery become a major success? Just ask the owner...

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“Zig’s has become a six-days-a-week bakery, cafe, and hangout. How did this happen!? The past three years of working on and designing our new location at Brick Gables has been tremendous. Knowing the energy that has been spent perfecting every last detail lets me appreciate how everything has come to fruition.”

— Brandon Ziegler, owner

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That’s right, running a successful business is determined by careful examination of every detail. While we won’t be able to cover every aspect of a successful bakery in one article, we can use this time to cover a very important aspect that should never be overlooked: the Point of Sale system.

Purchasing a POS system may not be the most thrilling aspect of opening a bakery, but it is a critical one. A POS is what handles the monetary exchange from the customer to the seller. The reliability and functionality of the POS directly impacts things such as sales, reporting, reconciling, vendor ordering, as well as employee and inventory management. These are only a few examples. So let’s take a look at what Zig’s requirements were to see if we can learn something.