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POS System Review Burbank California - Pickwick's Event Center / Ice Cream / Bowling / Bar found CCS

Looking for a multi use Point of Sale System - Pickwick's Event Center / Ice Cream / Bowling / Bar found CCS

Pickwick Gardens is a beautiful event location and conference center in Burbank, California. Located on two and a half acres of gardens and trees, Pickwick is an excellent choice to host an unforgettable special event. Whether it be weddings or corporate meetings, Pickwick has all the resources to make your vision a reality. Pickwick Gardens is also a part of Pickwick Ice (ice skating arena) and Pickwick Bowl (a bowling alley). These additions make Pickwick a center for fun gatherings.

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How point of sale is different for business types matters

What sort of setup is your location going to be? Is it a multi location restaurant establishment? Is it an event center, a conference center? Perhaps a theme park, amusement park or waterpark? Is it a mini golf location with multiple restaurants, or a game center with different bars at each area? Pickwick’s location was one of these, with it's needs requiring a variety of features. This is their story with setup.

Pickwick has a particular set up different than many. It is one location, but really three different restaurants. It was a bar, an ice cream parlor, and a restaurant. So when setting up the menu, as an ice cream shop, you wouldn't want to have the layout of a bar. You wouldn't want to ask the kid at the ice cream rink, for that Rum Raisin, did you want Bacardi or Well?

So the breakdown of the menu was a bit more than standard. The modifications for happy hour, the prompts. The level of service had to allow for multiple features of usually different setups, all included in one place. Each location had it's own business hours, it's own set up of happy hours. Additionally, each location had a different setup for how things were performed: cashier, server, bartender. Each position demanded different settings of the software. Dual cash drawers for bartenders were included, each one accessing their cash drawer during their shift, this prevented theft and ensured accountability.

Photo Source: Yelp.com

How to Implement a Complex Installation

So for us at CCS, this meant compartmentalizing the roles and procedures of each location within the superstructure. The menu's were compartmentalized so that the locations each saw only their menu, that their printers would print to prep if need, and that the happy hour settings applied to the proper products. Each staff type was entered and received their roles for the job they were working, staff can even sign on as more than one job type, to give them both appropriate pay rates as well as authorities while working their given job.

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