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Stratford Thai Cuisine is located in Stratford, Ontario Canadian - 6 Reasons to Choose CCS POS

Stratford Thai Cuisine is located in Stratford, Ontario Canadian

Stratford Thai Cuisine is located in Stratford, Ontario; a Canadian city known for its Arts, Music and Theatre. The restaurant was opened by chief chef Nancy Sanawong of Angels Thai in Toronto. She decided to open her second restaurant after being charmed by the city of Stratford and it’s people. Many guests swing by this downtown restaurant before hitting the theatre and it’s no surprise based on their rave reviews that Trip Advisor awarded Stratford Thai a Certificate of Excellence.

How Stratford Chose to Migrate from their Existing Point of sale to Cafe Cartel

Because of Stratford’s previous POS experience at their other restaurant, they had a clearer vision and understanding of what to look for in a Point of Sale system. This sense of direction led them to Cafe Cartel Systems. CCS has been providing POS systems to the industry for over 12 years and had designed features around Stratford’s needs and their business model. So let’s take a look at this further.

Top 6 Features they needed in a Point of Sale for their Thai Restaurant

CCS has created a comprehensive
  1. track a several types of order types - for taxes and for sales. Restaurant Take out and Deliverty
  2. track takeout orders
  3. track employee costs
  4. Inventory and Receipe control
  5. Multi Language Support The most desired feature for their Thai restaurant clientele is their multi-language support.
  6. Use their own hardware
    1. CCS can control up to three languages per menu - as an example: English, Thai and Spanish. They also offer deluxe printable menu layouts, as well as kitchen display systems for the cooks. Stratford preferred using their own hardware and purchased CCS software. They have been successfully using it since 2013.

      Choosing a POS company that understands your needs

      Whether based in the US, Canada or other countries, CCS provides the best POS software for Thai restaurants. They never compromise on providing the best customer service and support for their product. To see how CCS can improve your restaurant management call 866-973-8099 to speak with an industry consultant or request a quote today!