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Corner Liquor Store NY Switches to CCS Point of Sale

Corner Liquor Store NY Switches to CCS Point of Sale

Located in the beautiful town of Highland, NY is The Corner; a charming peach house-turned-business-front that is now a liquor store on “the corner” of Eldred. They provide the community with spirits, beers and wines at fabulous prices.

Committing their business to a successful path

When the Corner Liquor Store decided to upgrade their POS, they knew the impact it would have on their business. While Point of Sale systems themselves are necessary, a system designed around liquor store needs are absolutely essential. A general register or electronic register system leaves liquor stores with major flaws in their operations that can be costly or detrimental. With caution in mind and with a critical eye, they began their search for the best liquor store POS.

Finding a system without compromise

After diligent research of cost analysis, functionality and reliability, the Corner Store turned to Cafe Cartel. The consultants at Cafe Cartel reviewed their needs with them and provided them options at multiple price points for software and hardware packages. The bottom line was that Cafe Cartel put the control back in their hands. Cafe Cartel placed their priorities and needs first while providing them the most reliable solution on the market.

In addition to the standard POS features such as employee time clock, reconciling and reporting , they gained access to the features built for their business. These included theft control, ID scanners, case and split case inventory pricing. With inventory location tracking their staff is always aware of the exact product location. The staff can also access 6000+ drink recipes to provide valuable insights to their customers. Getting setup was a breeze! CCS comes with a database of over 10,000+ items in the system. Cheers to that!

Investing in your Business with a POS System built for the Future

With over 12 years in business, CCS has provided installations across the globe. Their industry knowledge will help you build your business and adapt to any changes along the way. With a passionate team of consultants and service agents, CCS is committed to providing you the best solution available. To discuss your needs with a POS professional call 866-973-8099 or request a quote today.