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Mister Vapor - Etobicoke’s most popular vape shop in Toronto, Canada Chooses CCS

Mister Vapor - Etobicoke’s most popular vape shop in Toronto, Canada Chooses CCS

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Mister Vapor is Etobicoke’s most popular vape shop in Toronto, Canada. They have a wide variety of specialty e-juices and quality electronic vaping products. What makes Mister Vapor stand out from the crowd is their stellar customer service and knowledgeable staff. The employees here take their time with every person and provide valuable product insights to their customers.

Getting their priorities straight about inventory control

When it came time for Mister Vapor to choose a Point of Sale system, they had some requirements for what would best suit their needs. Firstly, they wanted to provide their own hardware and to purchase software only. Secondly, they wanted a solution that could easily track their long list of e-juices, mods, accessories and battery options. Essentially, their products are sold in variations ranging from different sizes to different strengths. So it didn’t make sense to have 9 different buttons in their system for one flavor. It was clear to them that a retail POS system lacking in industry knowledge wouldn’t sufficiently handle their inventory setup. With their priorities in mind they started comparing various Point of Sale systems.

Making an educated decision when Choosing a POS

After careful research they came across Cafe Cartel Systems. CCS provides hardware and software options. They sell various systems at different price points. This flexibility empowers their users with a system that best fits each businesses needs. This meant that Mister Vapor could purchase software only and choose their own hardware. First requirement: check.

Mister Vapor was pleased to find out that CCS had a inventory system designed around their industries needs. They can filter their buttons from liquids to brands, to flavors, then by size and strengths. CCS handles kit and combo pricing as well. This organizes inventory in an intuitive way and requires only minimal data entry to get started.

Ready to launch! Easy And Accelerated Training

Within two training sessions, Mister Vapor had their POS up and ready to go. They gained access to additional features that included, vendor re-order lists, reconciling, reporting and age verification. Though Cafe Cartel is based out of the United States they service worldwide, which means that Mister Vapor doesn’t loose any access to technical support by simply choosing to buy a system based in the US.

To review your needs with an experienced consultant call 866-973-8099 or request a quote today.