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AXO Liquors is located in Fort Worth Texas - Chooses CCS POS

AXO Liquors is located in Fort Worth - Chooses CCS POS

Fort Worth Texas Liquor Stores

AXO Liquors is located in Fort Worth, TX and sells spirits, beers and wines on a 7,000 square foot inventory. They also offer other convenience items such as lotto tickets, tobacco products, snacks and soft drinks. But mostly they’re known for their very large supply of various tequila brands! They even deliver to large businesses including bars and restaurants.

Industry and location specific needs for liquor stores

When AXO began their search for a POS system they needed a provider who supplied a solution to the liquor industry specifically. CCS provides industry-specific solutions as well as options relating to location and their unique regulations. For example, 38 states have Dram Shop Laws. These laws hold the business liable to any injuries caused by an over-served customer. This includes Texas. However, Texas also has a law called the Texas Safe Harbor Law. This protects liquor stores against excess liability claims if the store employees attend a TABC-approved “seller training program.” This program protects the business from liability if the accused employee had attended the program.

Using a POS to meet location specific regulations

Considering the above information, how does this apply to the POS system? Essentially, the business owner would need to definitively prove that the accused employee, who attended the program, did in fact ring the customer up. Employee pin codes are not sufficient as they can be manipulated; and spending hours reviewing security footage isn’t an ideal solution either. Therefore Cafe Cartel Systems supplies fingerprint scanners with direct integration for a more secure setup. It became clear to AXO that CCS knew the industry and could provide options tailored to their needs.

When AXO received their POS system, they gained access to a database of over 10,000 products with inventory location tracking for their large storefront. And of course they gained standard POS features such as employee management, reporting and reconciling. To see how CCS can meet your location needs call 866-973-8099 to speak with an industry consultant ./p>