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Club Sky High - Oregon dispensary with CCS Since 2013

Club Sky High - Oregon dispensary with CCS Since 2013

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Established in 2013, Club Sky High brings quality Medical and Recreational Marijuana products to Portland, Oregon. This locally owned dispensary aims to help as many people as possible lead a more productive and pain free life. In fact, they’re most recognized for their staff’s willingness to impart their knowledge and educate others. This enthusiasm has lead to them to become a wildly successful and thriving marijuana dispensary!

There are many factors to running a successful business in general. However, operating a dispensary like Club Sky High, comes with unique factors that are only applicable to the marijuana industry. The most primary factor here is following state regulations and guidelines. So in order for dispensaries to obtain necessary operational tools, they need to ensure that they will meet the required regulations. Cutting corners in operations can result in involuntary shutdown.

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Choosing the Right POS Solution

When Club Sky High began searching for a POS, they needed a solution that they could depend on and would adhere to the Oregon Dispensary regulations. When they found Cafe Cartel, they discovered a provider who had integrated scales and NTEP Approved Software. CCS meets each state’s metrics and limits. Their secure solution comes with patient/client verification and data encryption - locking down the system from raids, preventing tampering and exposing the system to hackers.

Cafe Cartel provides solutions to dispensaries across the US and Canada. All systems come with reconciling, reporting, employee time clock and labor scheduling - to name a few. To review these features and more with an industry consultant, call 866-973-8099.

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