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The Joint Santa Ana

The Joint Santa Ana

the Joint Santa Ana

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Located in Santa Ana, California is The Joint; a medical marijuana dispensary in the heart of Orange County. This premier dispensary offers high quality medications that range from flowers, oils, edibles and beverages. Open 7 days a week, The Joint provides excellent customer service at the hands of their staff and passionate budtenders. Their dispensary is as equally as pleasing with it’s artistic style. This environment fosters a sense care and makes patients feel welcomed.

A POS System That Meets Not Only California’s Requirements, But Theirs

In mid 2015, The Joint began planning months in advance before opening their dispensary. This included researching the best dispensary Point of Sale system that they could find. After speaking with various POS companies and providers they found Cafe Cartel Systems. CCS provides performance-based POS systems that meets the regulations for medical/recreational marijuana dispensaries. By speaking with an industry consultant, they were able to review their needs and get the setup and software features they desired.

Waiting room of a dispensary

Reviewing Their Setup and Desired Features

The Joint required 3 terminal solutions, complete with label printers, integrated scales and a patient check in station. With CCS they were able to use a POS Grade hardware setup with scales that meets the state regulations and are NTEP approved. The check in station was not only equipped with Age Verification and a driver's license reader, but was a full CRM solution. With CCS they’re able to run different specials daily and establish happy hour pricing. Loyalty programs can also be established as well.

Improving Dispensaries Operations by Using CCS Point of Sale

From grow tracking, to a powerful dispensary inventory system, CCS supplies data encrypted solutions that can ward off tampering or hackers. Equipped with employee timeclock, labor scheduling, reconciling and over 100+ analytical reports, The Joint was able to use CCS to run their operations smoothly. To review your needs with an industry consultant or to test out the software for yourself, call 866-973-8099 or request a quote today.

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