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Banana Belt Safe Access Center | Chetco River in Harbor Oregon

Banana Belt Safe Access Center

Located along the Chetco River in Harbor Oregon, is Banana Belt Safe Access Center. This medical marijuana and recreational dispensary has developed strong customer loyalty due to their knowledgeable budtenders and quality medications. The combination of these factors plus their convenient location just off the highway 101, provides insight into their effective business model.

Waiting room of a dispensary

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Marijuana POS Oregon Features: Limitations for Purchases & Receipt Categorizing

In late 2015, BBSAC began looking for an alternative to MMJMenu. They required a solution that could accommodate limitation for purchases for residents and nonresidents, organize tax categories on receipts and finally, a solution that they could purchase software only. They already had their hardware and didn’t want to spend additional capital on something they didn’t need. After comparing multiple software options they went to Cafe Cartel for a demo. The following video demonstrates their first desired feature by utilizing CCS software.

Oregon Resident and Nonresident Limit Marijuana Point of Sale Setup:


As you can see, this feature prompts the budtender when the order exceeds the max gram count whether it be for residents or nonresidents. The POS calculates this amount based on the flowers, oils, edibles, etc. The ease of setting up this feature is equally as intuitive. CCS also routinely updates their software for Oregon’s requirements for scales, reports and receipts. Thus they also accommodate the categorized receipts. After discussing these needs with a CCS consultant, it was clear to Banana Belt that Cafe Cartel was a software company that not only understood the industry but adapted to it as needed - proving it to be the best, long term solution.

Beyond Only Oregon Requirements: How CCS Can Meet Your Requirements As Well

BBSAC was also able to purchase software only from CCS and install it on their own hardware. They gained access to a powerful inventory system which included item location, grow tracking and item details that lists the THC/CBD content, to name a few. Though there are many features CCS provides such as age verification, CRM, employee time clock, reconciling and reporting - there are always features or modules dispensaries prioritize more based on their needs. To review your priorities with an industry consultant, call 866-973-8099 or request a quote today.

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