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Mesa Organics Colorado

Mesa Organics Colorado

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Mesa Organics is Pueblo Colorado’s premier marijuana dispensary whose mission can be easily summed up by their motto - which is “Healthy. Natural. Living.” and also, “Improving quality of life for people and pets”. Mesa Organics is committed to providing products that promote healthy living that respects the earth and the environment. They strive to grow and distribute the best cannabis and cannabis-infused products as possible in order to improve people’s quality of life and make the world a better place.

Durango Dispensary Refers Mesa Organics to Cafe Cartel Over MJ Freeway

In July 2015, Mesa Organics contacted Cafe Cartel inquiring about their POS systems. Mesa was referred to CCS by another dispensary in Durango that recommended them over MJ Freeway. Of course, getting a referral who had experienced both POS systems and knew the software, was of benefit to them. Many dispensaries in Colorado use CCS POS as they not only meet the state’s regulations, but also provide solution that perfects operations and grants owner’s sophisticated managerial oversight.

Conveniently, Mesa Organics was able to travel to a local dispensary that operated CCS and were able to get a view of it first hand and get an unbiased review of the product. Though they looked at other POS companies as well, after seeing the system in action, CCS was undeniably the best option for them. This conclusion was weighed by the reliability of the hardware, the software features and of course, the level of technical support provided by Cafe Cartel.

Here is a video that demonstrates what Mesa Organics was able to test:


Choosing a Setup That Meets Colorado’s Regulations & Mesa’s Operational Goals

Mesa Organics ordered the Indica Altera 3400S. This package came complete with terminals, integrated scales, label printer, scanners and a check in station. With CCS they gained access to age verification, limitations based on residents/nonresidents, data encryption and grow tracking. Their powerful inventory system specifies the THC/CBD percentages and product details to the budtender and included location management for those who stock a lot of products. CCS comes equipped with employee timeclock, labor scheduling, reconciling, QuickBooks integration and over 100+ analytical reports and charts. To review these features and more, call 866-973-8099 to speak with an industry consultant or request a quote today.

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