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Highway 420 (Marijuana Dispensary) Neawanna Creak - Seaside, Oregon

Highway 420 (Marijuana Dispensary) Neawanna Creak - Seaside, Oregon

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Highway 420 is both an OMMP and recreational dispensary located along the Neawanna Creek in Seaside, Oregon. They’re also a Headshop which means they’re “open to the public” for selling vape pens, e-juices, grinders, pipes and bongs. Various detox products and tests are also available for purchase 7 days a week. By being situated in Oregon’s favorite coastal destination, it’s no wonder that Highway 420’s popularity has risen to new heights.

Weighing Quality POS Systems Based on Multiple Factors

In 2010, Highway 420 began researching the best Point of Sale systems for dispensaries. By comparing a variety of systems based on their price point, features, product support and longevity, they were able to gauge which system would be the best for them. Finding a POS that met Oregon’s dispensary regulations was absolutely essential. Then they found Cafe Cartel Systems, the leading provider for dispensary Point of Sale.

Highway 420 Discovers a Complete Dispensary Solution

By choosing Cafe Cartel as their Point of Sale provider, they received a complete hardware and software solution that met the state’s requirements for weights, metrics and was also NTEP approved. CCS is a secure system that is data encrypted and prevents tampering. It’s components come with warranty and technical support to ensure the it’s top quality performance and reliability. With a powerful inventory system, Highway 420 gained sophisticated oversight of their sales and employee oversight.

Changing Their Business Location, But Not Their POS

Originally Highway 420 was establish in Portland. In late 2012 they moved to Seaside and took their CCS POS system with them. As the regulations change for the Oregon marijuana industry, CCS has evolved to accommodate the needs of their clients, including Highway 420. CCS keeps the software up-to-date with all features required to run a medical and recreational dispensary, which proves it to be the best long term solution. To see how CCS can improve your dispensaries inventory, operations and security, call 866-973-8099 to speak with an industry consultant or request a quote today.

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