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Marijuana Paradise - Dispensary Portland Oregon

Marijuana Paradise - Dispensary Portland Oregon

Located in Portland, Oregon is Marijuana Paradise; a tropical-themed medical and recreational dispensary. Marijuana Paradise and their staff excels at providing quality products to their patients and clientele. Their friendly and upbeat environment is increased everyday as they offer a daily trivia question. Those who can answer the question correctly receives 10% off of their order. Customers can enjoy this island vibe everyday as they are open 7 days a week. It’s no wonder why they call this dispensary Paradise!

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Searching for a Competitive POS System to Handle Their Operations

In early 2015, Marijuana Paradise was a new dispensary on the block. They had to do diligent research on their operations to ensure that they could both meet Oregon’s regulations, and compete with the local dispensaries. A solid Point of Sale solution is a key way to address both of these concerns. They requested multiple quotes from different POS companies so that they could compare multiple solutions to each other and gain a better understanding of POS in general.

Marijuana Paradise visits Club Sky High for Software Reference

During this time they went to Club Sky High, an established dispensary, to see the POS they were using. Club Sky High recommended CCS POS to Marijuana Paradise as they had been using it for years. The combination of Cafe Cartel’s proven efficiency and affordability moved them to the top of their list. Cafe Cartel’s blind drop functions and management oversight minimizes employee theft and maximizes profitability. With features such as grow tracking, age verification, data encryption and a powerful inventory system, it was clear that CCS was the best point of sale system for dispensaries.

Photo Source: https://www.yelp.com/biz_photos/marijuana-paradise-portland?select=8AnIgPuWd3prsLl5oXoInw

Obtaining a State Approved Point of Sale System

When Marijuana Paradise ordered from CCS they also gained access to standard POS features such as employee time clock, reporting, reconciling and loyalty programs. This solution perfected their operations. Their integrated scales were NTEP and state approved. By utilizing powerful CCS POS software in combination with their reliable hardware setup, Marijuana Paradise has met all of their initial goals and more. To review your priorities with an industry consultant, please call 866-973-8099 or request a quote today.

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