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The Magic Dragon - EVape Store

The Magic Dragon - EVape Store

Located in Glenwood Springs, CO is The Magic Dragon. They are a fusion vape and leather biker gear shop. By being situated in Glenwood Springs Mall, loads of shoppers flood the store daily to buy organic e-juices, kits, accessories and colorado glass pipes. This is the bikers one-stop shop as they provide leather jackets, vests and chaps for those who love to ride!

Knowing what to look for

Though The Magic Dragon is a retail store, they’re vape as well - which means their inventory system required something more sophisticated. Inventory should be managed directly via the POS system so it was important for them to find a solution that could accommodate their needs. Many POS providers label their systems as “vape” but further research is needed to determine whether or not the system has modules designed for the vape stores needs besides just the standard retail functions.

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Finding a POS as magic as they are

When The Magic Dragon discovered Cafe Cartel, they found a provider who revamped their software to meet the industry's needs. This meant their software could filter their buttons from liquids to brands, to flavors, then by size and strengths. This user-friendly and tidy setup requires minimal data entry and can easily manage huge lists of e-juices on the backend. CCS also handles complex kit and combo pricing in an intuitive way for the user. This makes CCS the business owner’s choice for vendor re-ordering, reporting and reconciling! The choice was easy to make for The Magic Dragon. Within no time, they had their staff trained and their system up and running. Additional features they gained access to were employee time clock, labor scheduling, age verification and QuickBooks integration.

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