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Portland, Oregon Dispensaries Install CCS Point of Sale

Oregon Dispensaries choose CCS POS

Photo Source: https://www.yelp.com/biz_photos/rip-city-remedies-portland?select=V1ux_B5Y8n-Wbearl1DvmA

Located in Portland, Oregon is Rip City Remedies. They were one of the first dispensaries to open in the area and have continued to grow ever since they opened in June 2011. Rip City’s owners continuously network within the industry and community by serving on the board of OCBC, ORCA and OLCC. These committees seek to implement rules for recreational dispensaries. By constantly seeking out new products for the shop, Rip City stays current with the demands for their patients and clientele. Requests can be made to the budtenders for products not currently stocked at the dispensary. It comes as no surprise that the Dope Industry Awards crowned them The 2016 Medical Dispensary of the Year.

Dispensary Searches for a POS that can Evolve with the Marijuana Industry In 2011, Rip City Remedies began their search for a Point of Sale system. It was important for them to find a POS that was not only established but could also adapt to the new regulations as they came. A system lacking in features or continuous technical support simply wouldn’t do. They needed something built for the long run that included a team dedicated to responding to the evolving nature of the industry.

After a consultation with one of Cafe Cartel’s industry consultants, Rip City found a company that aligned with their goals. CCS designs and supports it’s own software so that they can provide the highest quality of service and support. They keep up-to-date with all state regulations and make changes to receipts, reporting and inventory structure as needed. With service around the clock, Cafe Cartel is the most reliable POS option available.

Rip City was also pleased to find that CCS comes equipped with Age Verification so that they could scan their patient’s ID’s. Additionally, CCS provides scale integration that is NTEP approved. From advanced inventory systems to theft control, CCS supplies secure solutions and data encryption. Rip City ordered their POS system and were happy that their budtenders found the system to be intuitive.

Finding a POS with Years of Experience & Proven Reliability

Rip City Remedies has used their CCS system since opening. As they have grown, they’ve added additional terminals and peripherals to their setup. Cafe Cartel has remained there for every update they’ve needed to ensure their system runs smoothly and remains compliant. To see how CCS can help grow your dispensary call 866-973-8099 to review your needs with a consultant or request a quote today.