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Located in Saskatoon, Canada is RPI Vapor Lounge

Canadian E Cig Stores Succeed with CCS Point of Sale

Photo Source: http://www.rpivaporlounge.com/ (not sure if we can use this pic)

Located in Saskatoon, Canada is RPI Vapor Lounge; a large e-juice bar and vape retailer. RPI has a bar/coffee shop atmosphere which is a perfect hangout spot for those who like to vape. With one of the largest stocks of e-juices, RPI carries numerous brands at affordable prices. Essentially, they’re the vapers candyland of the industry.

Listing out priorities and comparing options to them

A lot of planning goes into opening a business - whether it be finding a location, budgeting or hiring staff. Choosing a POS system is an integral part of this process as well, since Point of Sale systems handle the operations of the business. So in 2015, RPI needed to choose what POS system would be perfect for them. They required a tablet based, turnkey system that could integrate with QuickBooks.

Many POS providers offer tablets, but the downside to those is that most of them are cloud based, which causes lag time and can interrupt the flow of business. Additionally, many tablet POS systems are equipped with simple retail apps which cannot provide a sophisticated approach their operations. On top of that, these simple applications couldn’t meet the needs of their desired accounting software integrations. At first their desires seemed simple and straightforward (after all it was summed up in a single sentence) but at this point it appeared to not be the case.

Finding a quality POS system without compromise

Everything changed when RPI found Cafe Cartel Systems. CCS provides windows based systems in different styles and price points; whether it be a traditional system or a more modern one. They even had multiple options for tablets that didn’t compromise on software features or their QuickBooks integration. Finally RPI had some options! With software designed specifically for their industry, RPI ordered the system. Though CCS is based in San Diego, they provided free shipping to Canada and setup their turnkey system in no time.

CCS comes equipped with age verification, vape inventory with complex kit pricing, employee timeclock, reporting, reconciling and much more. To see how Cafe Cartel can meet your needs call 866-973-8099 to speak with an industry consultant or request a quote today!