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Texas Installations of Point of Sale Systems for Bars

Texas Bartenders Appreciate CCS POS Drinks Ultra Lounge - Amarillo Texas

Photo Source: Facebook.com

Located in the Comfort Inn & Suites Amarillo, is Drinks Ultra Lounge; a relaxed bar for travelers to stop and enjoy a good drink. Known as the “city of yellow roses” Amarillo attracts people coming to visit their botanical gardens, country club, civic center and Palo Duro Canyon. Drinks Ultra Lounge is a magnet for those travelers to come unwind from the day's explorations.

Not everyone understands the needs of bartenders...

Before their opening, Drinks Ultra Lounge began researching a Point of Sale system for bars and lounges. Many POS systems are simply electronic cash registers which wouldn’t do for their business model. They required features applicable to their industry. These included, pre-authorization on credit cards, tabs, easy splits and transfers. It was also imperative to have a bartender inventory program and a drink recipes database easily accessible to the the bartenders.

Cheers to finding the perfect solution!

When they found CCSthey discovered a POS solution with everything they wanted and more. With CCS, they were able to input happy hour discounts and specials seamlessly. Drinks Ultra Lounge not only got their bartender inventory on point, but were able to track them by utilizing multiple cash drawers and blind-close functions. This safeguarded the owners against employee theft and tracked their alcohol distribution.

We provides comprehensive and user friendly POS systems. With installations across the globe, they service businesses on tropical islands to South America. Whether it be a dive bar or an upscale nightclub, CCS is committed to providing a POS based on your needs. Call 866-973-8099 to speak with an industry consultant or request a quote today!