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Get Your Vape On in San Antonio, Texas Gets Big Business with their POS System

Vape Store POS

Get Your Vape On is a premier vape shop that has over 200 juices, batteries, mods and e-cigarette starter kits designed for every budget. They also offer RBA’s, custom batteries/tubes and 100% organic e-juices. Located in San Antonio Texas, GYVO is a leader in the local vaping community. Their knowledgeable staff provides insightful and personalized suggestions. They even have signs around the store that have facts about the properties of vaping.

While GYVO opened mid 2014, they began their search for a Point of Sale System at the beginning of the year. Since POS systems handles everything from employee management to inventory, and from business analytics to transactions, they turned to the leading POS provider in the vaping industry: Cafe Cartel Systems. CCS has designed their sales and inventory functions specifically for vape operations. And while every industry has its needs, every business has their own priorities. Let’s take a look at some of Get Your Vape On’s top desires.

Vape Rewards, Specials and Flash Sales Features Using CCS POS

POS solution at Vape Bar

Get Your Vape On keeps their customers engaged by offering routine sales on various products. These sales will be on assorted products for certain period of time. They also do flash sales that are similar to a happy hour special. Cafe Cartel not only has features to do these types of functions specifically, but they also offer “Buy X, Get X Free” programs and rewards/loyalty points programs.

Points programs can be assigned to a phone number, name or email address. Every dollar spent will accumulate one point on the customer’s account. Points will be visible on the display and will be printed on receipts. Customers can accumulate points until they wish to apply them to an order for store credit. These types of programs insure repeat business and shop loyalty - hence the name.

From Hardware Solutions to Software Integrations, Cafe Cartel Has it All

Point of Sale Systems come in all sorts of styles and sizes. CCS provides different styles, at every price point. For Get Your Vape On, it was their priority that they have tablets. Thus, CCS provided them with a stylish and durable setup, the Altera 3600 Tablet. Included was barcode scanners, QuickBooks integration and Back Office Software. The Back Office Software allows managers to do payroll, update inventory and specials without interfering with the cashiers at the front of house. These licenses can be placed on laptops for owners/manager who work offsite.

Website Integration, Credit Card Processing Integration and Support

Additionally, CCS also offers website integration options for Vape Shops who also do business online. Integrated credit card processing is also included. CCS partners with the top merchant processors to date.These partnerships make sure merchants have the support they need and processing options they want. These include EMV/chip card reading, debit and NFC, such as accepting ApplePay or Paypal payments.

Cafe Cartel has a team of support specialists to ensure both hardware and software is functioning optimally and will have a long lifespan. This top level support aids staff who run into technical difficulties, damaged hardware or general questions they may need assistance with.

Make Your Priorities Heard: Choosing a Vape POS System that’s Made for You

CCS has met the unique needs of thousands of vape shops around the world. We understand that each business has their own priorities, just like Get Your Vape On. To review your needs with an industry consultant, call 866-973-8099 or request a quote today. We have a team of trained professionals ready assist you.