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Vape Stores Choose CCS POS | Washington Point of Sale Installations

Vape Shop in Moses Lake, Washington Makes all of the Right Business Decisions

Vapor Store POS

Located on the edge of Moses Lake is First Class Vapor in Washington state. This vape shop stocks of 200+ e-juice flavors and has been a leader of the vape industry in the area since 2014. As a locally owned and operated business they’re passionate about the community and supporting our country's veterans. The combination of this, their helpful staff and comfortable environment, has earned them a loyal customer base and excellent reputation.

First Class Vapor Manages Menu Layout with CCS Point of Sale System

Upon opening in 2014, First Class Vapor had a hard time finding a Point of Sale company that could handle a vape menu layout and inventory in an effective way. They called Cafe Cartel to review their needs with an industry consultant. They liked what they found. With CCS, they’re able to keep track of their mods, accessories, batteries and all of their combinations and colors. These items don’t come with barcodes and there is no need for them to be barcoded since CCS has a much simpler solution with minimal data entry.

For example, when selecting various mods, instead of having a lot of buttons for each item by color, they can select the color button from the side before selecting the item to designate it. This can be done for mods as well by selecting the color button, and then the mod. The same can be applied to cartos by selecting the size button and then the brand item. This minimizes the amount of buttons on the layout and keeps the menu layout optimally organized in a way that standard retail POS systems cannot accommodate.

Receiving and Selling Inventory using Cafe Cartel Vape Features

Additionally, First Class Vapor appreciated Cafe Cartel’s easy-to-use vape inventory system. To update the store with new inventory, FCV first creates a purchase order in the system. This process is as simple as ringing up a customer, though instead of selecting new order, they select purchase order. Users then add the amount of products coming into the store. Once completed, CCS will automatically update inventory counts within the system. The current inventory count of the products will be displayed on the order buttons for cashiers to see. This will be updated in real time as sales continue throughout the day.

Sophisticated Reporting and Managerial Oversight for Vape Shops

Sales reports, inventory counts and profit margins analysis can be periodically pulled throughout the day. At the end of each day, when the cashier closes the shift, reports will automatically be emailed to the address designated by the owner. Special permissions in the system can be designated to only managers or supervisors to prevent employee tampering or unauthorized interference.

The Only All-in-One POS Solution Your Vape Shop Will Ever Need

In addition to industry specific features, CCS includes employee time clock, payroll functions, reconciling and much more. With a variety of hardware solutions at every price point, CCS can meet any vape shop’s needs. Their top quality support will ensure your system will run for years to come and always be up-to-date with the latest software trends. To review your needs with a vape consultant, call 866-973-8099 or request a quote today.