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Point of Sale for Liquor Stores in Massachusettes

McDonough’s Liquor Store in Stone, MA Chooses Cafe Cartel POS Software

Liquor POS Massachuesettes

Located just 10 miles northwest of Boston, is McDonough’s Liquor Store. This locally owned and operated company specializes in local craft beers and fine wines. In fact, wine and beer tastings are held every Friday during the week. McDonough’s is the local’s choice for all of their beer, wine and liquor inquiries since they provide insightful drink ideas and food pairing suggestions to their patrons. While there are many reason’s why McDonough’s runs a successful liquor store, one in particular is what we will focus this article on: their use of their CCS Point of Sale System.

CCS Comes with a Database of 5000-12000 Products & 6000 Drink Recipes

Setup and install of their CCS system was easy and fast. CCS comes with a database of 12000 products and 6000 drink recipes. This saved McDonough’s hours of data entry and recipe research they otherwise would have had to input in their system. The recipe database helps staff be an excellent resource to their patrons and inspires brand loyalty to their establishment.

Managing their Inventory in Different Locations of the Store

CCS comes with Inventory Lot Management. This means that the POS will be able to show cashiers the product’s location and inventory amount in both the storefront and the warehouse. These figures are updated in real time as the cashiers sell and move product. Upon receiving a purchase order in the system, the item count will be directly added into the warehouse inventory and at that point, it can be moved into the storefront location. Both office and POS computers may also be assigned to pull inventory from different locations by default. This sophisticated inventory tool is not only intuitive, but easy to use for their staff members.

All of the Point of Sale Features Your Liquor Store Will Love

CCS has been providing liquor stores across the world with POS software specifically designed for the industry. This intuitive system was designed to do the hard work for you. Cafe Cartel supports item price, case price and split case pricing. They have 4 different pricing levels for both customers and accounts. Systems include item barcoding, label printing, ID verification and security options - everything to give you peace of mind whether you’re a distant or hands-on owner.

Getting All The Features Your Liquor Store Deserves Without the Hike in Price

All CCS systems comes with features such as employee time clock, payroll, labor scheduling, reporting and reconciling. Some POS companies may charge extra for these features, but not Cafe Cartel. If you have any special requests or would like to review your ideal setup with a specialist, call 866-973-8099 to speak with an industry consultant or request a quote today.