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Toronto Point of Sale Solutions - Installations of POS In Canada

Premier Rowing Club & Event Center in Toronto is the Perfect Waterfront Venue

Catering POS

Established in 1872, Argonaut Rowing Club is one of Canada’s largest and oldest clubs located in Toronto, Canada. ARC is located on the Northern Shore of the beautiful Lake Ontario. The Henley Room is part of the Argonaut Rowing Club and is perfect event center for weddings, corporate events and parties. This premier waterfront venue has the capacity to accommodate 200 guests and has been featured on the notable eventsource.ca.

Finding a POS Software Solution for all of their Bar Needs

In 2014, ARC required a more proficient POS for their bar. They first required a solution that they could use their own hardware with. Secondly, they needed features that accurately calculated special pricing for club members or VIP’s. They contacted Cafe Cartel Systems with a list of the hardware and was able to get a software quote and demo.

With CCS they are able to use blind closing, customizable menus, bottle service and dual inventory management. Bartenders can assign names or table names to different checks and split the check in a variety of ways: split by seat, split by group, split by number of checks, or simply by applying payment amounts. Tips are easily inputted and can be applied after the order screen is closed. After the day is closed, all reports are sent via email and can also be accessed periodically during the day throughout the shift.

Worldwide Support, Reliable Systems and Options Made for Every Bartenders Needs

CCS is based in San Diego, California and has provided POS software worldwide, including to Argonaut Rowing Club. CCS for bars includes features such as happy hour pricing, theft control, pre-auth and bartender tracking. Non-industry specific features include employee time clock, payroll, reporting and reconciling. Whether you have your own hardware or would like to compare various styles and price points, Cafe Cartel has the options for you. To review your needs such as features, hardware or integration desired, please call 866-973-8099 or request a quote today.