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POS Installations Irvine California for Coffee Shops

Coffee Shop in Irvine, CA Serves the Best Fair Trade, 100% Organic Coffee

Located in Irvine, California is Sootha Coffee Shop. Sootha specializes in fair trade, 100% organic coffee. They source their beans from places like Costa Rica, Honduras, Ethiopia, Nicaragua, Papua New Guinea and Guatemala. All of their coffee is roasted in-house and they use the highly-prized La Marzocco espresso machine - which translates into a really great latte! In addition to their great coffee, Sootha serves various tea options such as lattes, slush fruit teas, boba milk teas, hot and iced teas. They also serve fruit smoothies, shaved ices, pastries, salads and sandwiches.

Sootha Offers Tasting Events, Conference Room Reservations & Barista Classes

Sootha Coffee’s passion for brewing exceptional coffee extends to teaching their customer base; they frequently offer barista classes and coffee tasting events. With a large seating area, including a vast patio with umbrella covered tables, Sootha makes the perfect place for people to work or study for extended periods of time. They even have a closed conference room that can be rented for $10 per hour with reservation and can seat up to ten people. The combination of their top brews and inviting environment, makes them one of the premier coffee shops in the Irvine area.

Rewarding their Customers through CCS Loyalty Programs

In 2012, Sootha Coffee opened their business in the Northwood Town Center. Months of preparation went into planning for their opening day, including purchasing a POS system. Sootha required an all encompassing POS system that included rewards and loyalty programs. With CCS they were able to get exactly that. CCS offers both “Buy X, Get X Free” programs and points programs. With the points rewards, customers earn a point of every dollar spent. These accounts can be assigned by phone number, email or magnetic stripe card. Every time a customer places their order they can see their points value. It will also be printed on their receipts. These points can be applied as credit to the customer's order when they desire.

Using a Back Office Computer for their Managerial Needs

While CCS office features are included in the POS license, many business owners prefer to have a designated office computer that they can review CCS data on without interrupting their flow of business. This was the case with Sootha. Cafe Cartel supplied Sootha with a back office computer. These are cheaper than an additional POS since they don’t require peripherals such as the receipt printer, cash drawer, etc. From this computer, Sootha can adjust their pricing, inventory and their menu. They can also run reports, reconcile and utilize payroll functions as well. These office licenses can also be added to laptops for owners or managers who work from home or away from the business location.

The Complete Point of Sale System for Coffee Shops Around the World

Cafe Cartel has been providing coffee shop POS solutions since 2004. Since then they have had thousands of installations worldwide. As the industry grows, CCS updates it’s software to stay current for all their customer’s POS needs. This makes CCS the best, most reliable solution for coffee shop owners today. To review your coffee shop needs with an industry consultant, call 866-973-8099 or request a quote today.