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Point of Sale Nevada | Coffee Shop Installations for Drive Thru

Elementary School Teacher turned Entrepreneur Opens Coffee Shops in Nevada

POS Nevada Coffee Tea

Located in Spring Creek, Nevada is Mudd Hutt; a locally owned and operated coffee shop. Since 2011, Mudd Hutt has been serving specialty coffee drinks, smoothies, tea and wheatgrass shots, alongside baked goods and various breakfast items as well. Their customers cannot only sit down to enjoy their coffee in the shop, but they also have a drive thru as well to provide convenience to their customers who are “on the go”.

Mudd Hutt’s owner was originally an Elementary School teacher of 25 years in the local area before pursuing her dream of owning her own coffee shop. Many of their drinks names are influenced from her work as a schoolteacher. Their Spartan Latte is by far their most popular drink. The coffee shop’s logo and decor is greatly inspired by the owner’s Basque heritage. The steam of the logo is the Basque Lauburu, otherwise known as the cross symbol.

Mudd Hutt Expands to Two Locations and Utilizes CCS POS at Both

In 2014, Mudd Hutt expanded their business to the Elko area and opened up a second location. Before their opening, customers had to drive into Spring Creek to get their coffee fixings. By expanding their business to the area, they tapped into a new customer base with an already effective business model. With their expansion they were able to use what worked and discard whichever processes that didn’t meet their standards. One of the things they carried over was their CCS POS system - which they had be using for 3 years at their original location.

Cafe Cartel Offers Intuitive and Easy-to-Use Loyalty Programs for Mudd Hutt

Mudd Hutt is all about making sure their customers are happy and earning their business. Which is why they take advantage of the rewards programs they can offer their customers by using their CCS POS system. CCS has a points program in which, the cashier can look up customers by phone number, name or swiping a card. This feature tracks all dollars spent and the amount of points the customer earns. The customers earned points will be visible on the customer display while ordering and will print on receipts. They’ll be able to choose when they want to apply them to the order. CCS also offers “buy 10 get 1 free” features as well. These programs are easily setup and intuitive to use by staff members.

A Recipe Based Inventory System Designed for the Coffee Shop Industry

Because Mudd Hutt has an inventory system designed specifically for coffee shop sales, they are always able to have an accurate perspective on their profit margins and inventory levels. When setting up an item in CCS, they can use the item builder feature, which allows them to list the items and portions (the recipe) that goes into making each drink. This includes the amount of milk, espresso and even disposable cups the store stocks. This totals up the exact cost it takes to make the drink. When a cashier sells this item, the appropriate portions are removed from their inventory count and their profitably will be accurately updated in their reports.

Important Features that Every Coffee Shop Needs

CCS coffee shop users gain access to features such as labor scheduling, employee time clock, reconciling, reporting and much more. To review your coffee shop needs with an industry consultant or to test out the software for yourself, call 866-973-8099 or request a quote today.