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Choosing a Point of Sale for Costa Rican Resort

The Palms Residences Stands Along One of the Best Beaches in Costa Rica

palms resort

The Palms is comprised of 32 private residences on the beaches of Playa Flamingo in Costa Rica. These residents experience unparalleled beachfront living and access to various activities and amenities. Some of these include a beachfront bar and restaurant. Just 15 miles south of the property, residents can also take a short trip to Costa Rica’s nature preserves and national parks. From there they can soak in a hots springs, enjoy a waterfall and watch both monkeys and sloths dangling along vines. As it turns out, it is possible to live in paradise.

Private Beachfront Residences Look for a POS System with Worldwide Support

Upon opening in 2010, The Palms wanted to add a beachfront bar and restaurant to their private club. Thus they began looking for a Point of Sale system. Some of their requirements included, worldwide support (since they’re located in a remote location) and purchasing POS software only, since they wanted to provide their own hardware. With this in mind, they started researching POS companies.

Costa Rican Private Club Chooses Cafe Cartel for their POS System

The Palms had a technical consulting company do their initial research. This way they had an expert’s opinion on the quality of the different systems. This is what lead them to Cafe Cartel. With CCS, The Palms was able to purchase software only. All training and install was done remotely by CCS. Since CCS provides support worldwide, The Palms gained access to continuous technical support and software upgrades regardless of the distance.

Features and Integrations The Palms Uses on their CCS POS System

CCS has designed their POS features specifically for the bar and restaurant industry. With their new system, The Palms gained access to easy tabs and pre-auths, VIP/Table and bottle service, built in drink recipes, customizable menus and much more. Non industry specific features include, employee timeclock, labor scheduling, reconciling, reporting, purchase orders and inventory control. To see how CCS can meet the needs of your bar and restaurant, call 866-973-8099 or request a quote today.