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Texas Style Self Serve Frozen Yogurt

Self Serve Froyo Shop in Texas, Serves Locals only the Best Flavors & Toppings

Texas Style Self Serve Frozen Yogurt

Located in Lewisville, Texas is Tappy’s Yogurt. Since 2009, Tappy’s has been the locals favorite froyo shop. Each day they offer 16 different flavors that range from non fat, energy boost, no sugar added, low fat, sorbet, non fat tart and greek yogurt. Within these categories, flavors range from fruits, desserts, coffee and much more. Tappy’s offers 50 different toppings such as sauces, fresh fruit, candies, cakes, nuts, seeds, cereals and much more. Tappy’s prides itself on allowing their customers to be creative with their tastes and get the best out of their frozen yogurt experience.

Tappy’s Yogurt Chooses a Cafe Cartel POS System with Integrated Scale

Upon opening in 2009, Tappy’s Yogurt chose Cafe Cartel as their POS provider. With NTEP approved scales, CCS provides integration with their POS software. From the order screen, cashiers will select yogurt and then indicate the amount of cups on the scale and the cup sizes. This tares the weight of the cups out of the total price so just the yogurt itself is being weighed. The scale weight will appear next to the order total. From here the cashier can then accept payment and close the order. Tappy’s chose to order two complete systems to ensure faster checkout times for their customers.

CCS Comes with Free Integrated Rewards and Loyalty Programs

Another primary reason for selecting Cafe Cartel, was their free rewards and loyalty programs. These include both “buy x, get x free” and points programs. Customers can easily be looked up by a loyalty card, phone number or their email address. CCS will assign their purchases to their account and track their points or free yogurt earned. The points program for example, will show their points earned on the customer display and print the points on their receipt. These can then be redeemed for their purchase when the customer so desires. To see these integrations in action, check out of the demonstration video on Cafe Cartel’s YouTube page.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8tGlk-RtcJ8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QXuGmtUSXL8&t=148s

A Point of Sale System Based on the Frozen Yogurt Experience

In addition to Tappy’s two desired functions, was employee timeclock, inventory, purchase orders, reporting, reconciling and QuickBooks integration. With Frozen Yogurt installations across the world, CCS has built their solution around the needs of the industry. Their technical support service and routine maintenance ensures that their systems are running efficiently. You won’t find a more cost effective, reliable solution around. Additional options include, NFC/Chip payments, surveillance systems and remote login. To review your needs with a frozen yogurt consultant, call 866-973-8099 or request a quote today.