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Hookah Lounge of Michigan Enjoys Cafe Cartel POS

Luxury Hookah Lounge is the Biggest in the State of Michigan

Located in Rochester Hills, Michigan is Lux Hookah Lounge - the largest hookah bar in the state. They’re known for their party vibe and high end hookah experience. Lux considers hookah smoking an artform and is dedicated to providing their customers the best hookah experience. Every seating area has its own TV and remote control so guests can watch whatever they like. With their fine leather couches, chandeliers, glass water pipes and even cigars, Lux proves itself to be the most high-end hookah lounge in the area.

Lux Hookah Lounge uses CCS for Organizing Their Table Layout and Reservations

In 2012, Lux ordered the Habibi Altera 3400S with a kitchen printer, from Cafe Cartel Systems. This solution was designed specifically for the Hookah industry. By using CCS, Lux servers can schedule reservations and assign orders to tables and keep tabs on them. Food orders are sent to the back kitchen printer, where the cooks can begin preparing the order. Additional items can be added to the tab throughout the night.

Closing Orders, Accessing Sales Reports and Remote Login for Hookah Lounges

Checks can be split in a variety of ways: split by seat, split by group, split by number of checks, or simply by applying payment amounts. Tips are easily inputted and can be applied after the order screen is closed. Sales data and reports can be pulled periodically throughout the shift. However, at the close of day, CCS emails daily reports to the manger and owner designated in the system. Managers can even remote login while off site to oversee operations.

CCS Point of Sale Hookah Menu Layouts, Inventory and Loyalty Programs

CCS offers several different menu layout styles for hookah lounges. Whether it be based on the hookah product or based on the number of customers. Essentially, upon assigning a table, servers will select a category from the right hand side of the order screen. These category buttons range from shishas, cigars, house mixes, refreshments and retail. Clicking on the category button takes the server to the different options, including the different products and their sizes. Each product will have the gram count in the bottom right-hand corner of the button which displays the current inventory count. As these items are sold, inventory is deducted in real time.

A priority of Lux’s was to have a POS system that offered loyalty and rewards programs. By using their CCS POS system, they can assign orders to different customers. Customers can be looked up via a mag card, phone number or email. The software will then update and track all loyalty points earned which can eventually be applied for credit on a future order. A tally of each customer's points will be printed on their receipt so that they can choose when they would like to redeem them on a future date.

From Flavor Mixing to Merchandising: Everything Your Hookah Bar Needs in a POS

All CCS systems come with flavor mixing and merchandising functions specifically designed for hookah lounges. Standard features and integrations include employee time clock, payroll, labor scheduling, purchase orders and much more. To review your hookah bar’s needs with an industry consultant, call 866-973-8099 or request a quote today. Cafe Cartel has been providing the industry with POS systems since 2004 and has variety hardware options and price points that will be sure to meet your unique needs.