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Dispensaries in Long Beach What Point of Sale do They Use?

Healing Tree Holistic Association Delivers in Long Beach, California

Long Beach dispensaryLocated in Long Beach, California is Healing Tree Holistic Association. This medical marijuana collective delivers in the local area and provides their patients with quality medication at great donations. Healing Tree is renowned for the compassionate care and timely service to their members. Established in 2011, they have continued to operate their collective successfully. From flowers, to concentrates and edibles, Healing Tree has everything to meet the needs of their patients.

In 2014, Healing Tree required a more sophisticated POS solution to operate within their regulations. They desired one that had intuitive delivery features and one where they could provide their own hardware. Essentially, they wanted to purchase software only and use it on their current computer system. While they were only a delivery service, they were hoping to open a storefront in the near future. So they needed a system that they could grow with and could handle a brick and mortar collective as well. This is when they came across Cafe Cartel Systems - a leading POS provider to the industry.

Processing Delivery Orders and Assigning Drivers using CCS POS for Collectives

For collectives using CCS, the patient will receive an email of the impending order information as well as the total and who is delivering the order. The driver will also be notified that they have a delivery they need to make. This email will include the patient’s information as well. From the POS terminal, associates can assign a driver to the order by selecting the “assign driver” button. From there they can select the delivery person. This will then send out the emails to both patient and driver so that they order can be completed.

From Delivery to Storefront, The Best Point of Sale for Collectives

Healing Tree Holistic Association was also pleased that CCS software can be purchased separately so that they could continue using their current computers. Cafe Cartel provides full solutions to collectives across the states and Canada - both delivery and storefront. With all three of their needs met, they ordered the software and were set up and trained after only a few appointments.

CCS also offers NTEP approved scales and meets the metrics and limits of each state. Additional features include inventory, reporting, data encryption, loyalty programs and grow tracking. This secure system is prevents tampering, exposing the system to hackers and locks down from raids. To review your collective’s needs with an industry consultant, call 866-973-8099 or request a quote today.