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Central California Frozen Yogurt Business Stays Strong With Gift Card Services

Premium Yogurt & Gelato Shop Provides the Best of Both American & Italian Desserts

ozzies frozen yogurt

Located in Santa Maria, California is Ozzie’s Premium Yogurt & Gelato. Ozzie’s is a family owned and operated business who prides themselves on providing over 18 frozen yogurt flavors and 19 gelato flavors. Their handmade gelato is an old family recipe, that includes only natural ingredients. Even their business name comes from their family - their pet parrot Ozzie. They also serve cake pops, boba tea, smoothies, coffee and frappes.

Choosing an All-in-One POS Solution with Integrated Scales & UPS Battery Backup

In early 2014, Ozzie’s spent months preparing for their grand opening. One of these tasks included finding a POS system. Since Ozzie’s had owned other previous businesses, they were more familiar with POS and it’s benefits than some first time owners are. They required a system with integrated scales and a UPS battery backup. This is when they found Cafe Cartel Systems - a leading provider in the frozen yogurt industry. With thousand of installations across the world, CCS provides NTEP approved, integrated scales and optional accessories including the uninterruptible power supply (UPS) battery backup. With various hardware options, Ozzies was able to choose the system that would best meet their needs.

Gift Card & Loyalty Programs Perfect for Frozen Yogurt & Gelato Shops

With CCS, Ozzie’s is able to issue and track gift cards for their store. They also have an advanced loyalty and rewards programs to offer their customers. This is especially important considering that the industry thrives off of creative promotions and repeat business. There is both “Buy X, Get X Free” and a loyalty points program. These programs can be assigned to magnetic cards or by email or phone numbers. CCS software tracks all of the purchases the customer makes and what they in turn, earn for their repeat business.

For example, points are accumulated for each purchase. Customer can see their accumulated points on the customer display and the cashiers can see them on the order terminal. Customers can choose when they want to apply their points to the order or reserve them for future credit. Once the receipt is issued, the total amount of points will be printed at the bottom for the customer’s reference. To review these features and more, call 866-973-8099 to speak with an industry consultant or request a quote today.