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Coffee Shop in Brooklyn plan Expansion

Jilly’s Off the Corner in Brooklyn, NY Plans for Expansion

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Located in the southeast part of the borough of Brooklyn, known as Flatlands, is Jilly’s Off the Corner. This coffee shop and cafe provides the area with the best coffee, smoothies, paninis, sandwiches, gelato, bagels, pastries and yogurt muffins. Although they opened in 2015, in 2016 they had already planned for expansion to Brick Oven Pizza. Based on their ever-growing popularity, it’s no wonder why this charming coffee shop has thrived in such a competitive area.

From Cup Based Inventory, to Whole Item Inventory: Using Their CCS POS System

In 2015, Jilly’s opened their shop with their Cafe Cartel System ready-to-go. With their system, they can track both whole item inventory and cup based inventory for their drinks. By inputting their recipes into the recipe builder tool, they can list the items and the portions that go into making each drink. This includes the amount of milk, espresso, syrups, to-go cups, etc. This gives them the exact cost it takes to make the drink and tracks their inventory in real time as they perform sales throughout the day. Because of this advanced oversight, they are able to monitor their cost more closely and be alerted to when they need to replenish their supplies. The best part of these features is that they are as equally effective, as they are easy-to-use.

Day to Day Operations Using Cafe Cartel POS for Coffee Shops & Cafes

To paint a general picture of a typical Jilly’s day, we will review the cycle of the day using their POS. The first employee of the day starts the day by clocking in. Then they are taken to the morning balance sheet. From here they input the amount in the cash drawer. This is done by entering the number of each bills or coins instead of counting their total value. This minimizes human error and proves to be more accurate.

Once the morning balance sheet is completed, cashiers can begin an order. From the order screen there is a right sidebar with the menu categories (coffee, gelato, etc). By selecting a category they can then select the desired item and any modifiers for it. Payment may be accepted, customer receipt printed, prep area receipt printed and then the order will be closed. This will be continued until it’s time to close. Next, the cashier may end their shift by inputting the end of day balance sheet (same process as the morning) and closing the day. Once the day is closed, CCS automatically emails out daily reports to the managers/owners of the company. These reports can be viewed periodically throughout the day as well with those who have special permission to do so.


Getting The Style, Features and Prices You Want

Since 2004, CCS has had thousands of installations across the world. From every style, to every price point, Cafe Cartel has options to fit the needs of any business owner. CCS comes equipped with employee time clock, reporting, reconciling, purchase orders, printable menus and much more. Optional items include scanners, EMV/NFC/Chip readers, label and kitchen printers, integrated surveillance systems and website integration to name a few. To review your needs with a specialist, call 866-973-8099 or request a quote today!